Introducing Adonz Mouldings


Providing high quality hard-coated polystyrene profiles for use by professional plasterers



Innovative use of modern high-tech materials has enabled the development of a specialised coating system for polystyrene formwork.


Our products are Manufactured under licence in Canterbury since 2001


We stock a range of common and popular mouldings with other sizes and profiles cut and coated to your requirements on request.


No only does Adonz Mouldings increase design options but also achieves considerable construction time savings where plaster is being used – no matter the substrate – polystyrene fibre-cement board, concrete, brick and block, Hebel, Celcrete etc.


Preferred by the trade, Adonz mouldings give a neater, faster and better end result.


Benefits of mouldings

  • Add decorative and stylish flair to buildings

  • Complementing the primary weatherproofing system

  • Assisting with water run-off from exterior cladding, reducing staining

  • Camouflaging unsightly construction jointing

  • Hiding imperfections and undulations on long flat surfaces


Don’t create another boring, featureless box!

Ensure your building has an attractive exterior by incorporating mouldings.


Transform, remodel or retrofit

Addition of Adonz Mouldings to existing buildings may provide an increase in value with increased satisfaction and enjoyment for residents due to improved visual appeal.